TAMPA, Fla. — There’s a new statewide initiative to get Florida’s homebound residents vaccinated, and it involves making house calls. 

In order to make a request to be vaccinated at home, there are a number of options: 

Each county is handling the process a little differently. 

In Manatee County, a team of community paramedics are going to a number of seniors homes each day to distribute the vaccine. 

“The community paramedics are really looking for someone who’s fallen through the system,” explained Sean Dwyer with Manatee County EMS.

“They were doing some testing too with COVID prior to the vaccine being available, it’s right in their wheelhouse and something they're equipped to handle.” 

It was just earlier this month when Gov. Ron DeSantis announced the new statewide initiative to get Florida’s homebound vaccinated. Manatee County quickly jumped on board and to date has already visited more than 30 homes to distribute the vaccine.

One of those homes on Thursday belonged to Palmetto resident Christie Gradel. 

She said she had contacted the county multiple times asking what she could do. Previously, the only option would have been to get into the car and head to a vaccination site, but Gradel said that just wasn’t possible. 

As the community paramedics were leaving her home, Gradel made it clear how grateful she was. 

“All I can say is thank god,” she said. “So many people I know… I just had a friend of mind pass away.” 

Anyone homebound resident in the state can make a request to be vaccinated at home.