TAMPA, Fla. — Annual cavalcade of fried food, thrill rides and animal touching, the Florida State Fair—postponed a few months this year due to the COVID pandemic—begins Thursday.

This year, “the largest Midway in the United States” offers an updated slate of wildly varying acts, all appearing at various multiple times throughout the day so you don’t have to lose your place in line for a Fruity Pebbles-battered rib-stuffed frozen banana in order to catch one of ‘em. Some stroll the Midway, some have their own turf staked out, and all are worthy additions to the atmosphere that makes the Florida State Fair such a one-of-a-kind experience.

The Florida State Fair runs from April 22 through May 2. Tickets are on sale now. The full list and schedule of events are available online. Here are just a few of the highlights.

What You Need To Know

  • The Florida State Fair runs from April 22-May 2

  • The Fair's entertainment lineup features circus performers, daredevils, animal races and much more

  • Tickets are available now

Disc Connected K9’s

Check out mind-boggling aerial and choreographed tricks by 16 world champion Frisbee dogs—and they’re rescues, to boot. Yeah, teaching your good boi to stay off the sofa pales in comparison.

Tour of Destruction Demolition Derby

Tour of Destruction Demolition Derby. (Image courtesy Florida State Fair)

There can be only one left on four wheels, but until then, there’s gonna be a whole lot of gratifying smashy-smashy.


This strolling performer will entertain the crowds, up close and personal, with juggling, fire eating and other flambéed feats. What could possibly go wrong?

Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show

Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show. (Image courtesy Florida State Fair)

Enjoy a roughneck reality competition in real life. Veteran top competitors come together at the Florida State Fair to battle in events like log rolling, axe throwing, crosscut sawing and more.

Hollywood Racing Pigs

The pig races are a perennial favorite at the Fair; this year’s runners (trotters?) all sport cheeky celebrity-pun monikers. And if the charging porkers aren’t enough entertainment for you animal-dash fanatics, there’s also the GASCAR Crazy Animal Races, which pit all manner of species against one another.

Daredevil Daze 2.0

It’s an action-packed spectacle that features freestyle motocross stunts and other death-defying endeavors.

Hollywood Circus

The Florida State Fair certainly has gone “Hollywood” this year. The Hollywood Circus puts a contemporary spin on Big Top traditions that’s suitable for all ages. Other circus-inspired entertainment scheduled this year includes Mango and Dango (whimsical, Cirque-esque performances) and Criss Cross Flying Trapeze.

Dark Knights

Anyone who missed out on their favorite Renaissance Faire action due to the pandemic will want to make time to witness this “real-life” jousting tournament.



One Man Band

Strolling troubador Mark Dobson has more than 30 years’ experience entertaining and interacting with folks at all kinds of venues.



Flight Crew

Flight Crew. (Image courtesy Florida State Fair)

A group of “World Jump Roping Champions” whose crowd-pleasing blend of complexity and theatrics has been featured on reality competition America’s Best Dance Crew and in performances by Cirque Dreams.