A group of Tampa Bay parents and digital experts created an app that monitors a child’s location, driving speed, and social media. 

The app is called MamaBear.

“Parenting today is different. Our kids have access to an amazing amount of technology and they have access to it through this," said Robyn Spoto, MamaBear President. "And we hand our child a phone and expect that they know what to do with it. We have to teach them the right ways to keep themselves safe."

Parents download the app on their smartphone and their child's smartphone. Then, they set up tracking features. They can monitor where their kids are and get alerts if they're somewhere they shouldn't be. Parents can watch how fast their kids are driving.

Perhaps most importantly, they can set up alerts for their kids' social media networks.

"They’ll be able to see what kind of photos are uploaded as it happens, they can be alerted when they make a new friend on Facebook or follow someone new on Instagram,” Spoto said.

Parents can also set alerts if certain words pop up on their child's profile.

The app creators hope it limits online bullying and makes cyber space a safer place.

Right now the app just monitors activity on Facebook and Instagram. The creators hope to expand to include Twitter soon. The app is still in the beta test phase right now and is free to users.