A Pasco County man was arrested after detectives say he forced his wife to dinner at knifepoint.

According the sheriff's office, 49-year-old Robert Ball asked his estranged wife Janet Ball to stop by his house so he could talk to her about working their relationship out.

But once Janet got there and told him she didn't love him anymore, detectives say Robert became violent, punching her in the head, then taking her car keys and cell phone to stop her from leaving.

Then, things took an even scarier turn. Detectives say Robert pulled out a knife and made Janet to watch TV with him. Then they say he forced her to go to dinner with him at the Golden Corral.

The date didn't end there. Detectives say Robert made Janet go to Walmart, where he bought her shoes. Still threatening her with the knife, deputies say the pair returned to Robert's house where again he made her watch TV with him.

Detectives say that's when Janet's father knocked on the door. They say he had grown suspicious when she didn't call for hours.

The father was able to get Janet out of the house and to safety.

Detectives say as they were driving away, Robert pointed a rifle at them, and then fired a shot in the air. Robert is now charged with aggravated domestic assault and tampering with a witness.