Jumping out of airplanes is what Tampa resident Brian McNenney does best because he's one of the best at it.

With his talents, McNenney recently landed a spot on the U.S. Parachute Team at the National Skydiving Championships of Canopy Piloting in Atlanta.

"The top eight got to represent the United States," McNenney said, "and I was fortunate enough to make 7th."

McNenney jumps out of a plane, free falls for less than a minute, swoops down and maneuvers his way through a course on water.

McNenney has been falling from the sky after jumping out of perfectly good airplanes for over a decade and there's nothing else like it in the entire world for him. "It's a great feeling. You feel alive," McNenney said.

Just another day at the office, right?

"We fly through the course and we have different objectives, such as how far we can go, how fast can you go, how accurate you can be," he explained. "And then we also interact with the water, as well. So we can do freestyle tricks on the water."

McNenney is very fortunate to make the team. Last year he suffered through major back problems and was told he might not be able to skydive again.

"It was a big accomplishment to make the U.S. team being where I was this time last year, where I thought I would never walk well again," McNenney said. He trained hard and it paid off. Later this year, he will represent the U.S. at the World Skydiving Championships at Dubai, United Arab Emirates in November. "You can't have a much bigger honor than in November.

In the meantime, McNenney is training for the championships at Skydive City in Zephyrhills.