A few weeks ago, we told you about Arnie, the loveable Beagle with an expensive appetite.

Arnie managed to dig in his owner's wife's purse and scarf down nearly $300. That money was supposed to go toward one of the daughter's swimming lessons.

"We were in a panic because it was the second time that he's done it," said Arnie's owner, Corey O'Kelley.

O'Kelley found the money was to follow the trail of shredded up $20s and $5s in Arnie's stool.

"We followed him around relentlessly for a week or so," he said.

Piece by piece, O'Kelley's wife and a few relatives began taping the money back together until they found all of it. The money was then put into several plastic bags.

As you can imagine, Arnie's owners did have to do a little convincing before getting their money back from a Bank of America branch in Clearwater.

"A couple of bankers had heard that story," O'Kelley said. "The one that my wife was dealing with had not. But she shared the story from the newspaper with her just as kinda proof that this is real. They got a chuckle out of it, and said they would gladly accept the money and exchange it for us."

As for Arnie, his sad puppy dog eyes must have worked because he was forgiven.

This is the second time Arnie has been money hungry. He ate $150 several years ago.