Bubba the Love Sponge Clem is done telling his side of the story.

He returned to the stand Thursday in the defamation lawsuit trial filed by Todd "MJ" Schnitt.

Schnitt is suing Clem and the BTLS Radio Network for what he said were "highly offensive, insulting or fighting words and defamatory statements" made on the radio five years ago.

Clem's attorneys said it was free speech, protected by the First Amendment.

Schnitt says Clem targeted him and his wife, Michelle, then an assistant state attorney. Clem's attorneys say it all was simply radio humor. Clem had just returned to local broadcasting with WHPT-FM (102.5 FM) after a stint in satellite radio. Schnitt was then the morning radio DJ on WFLZ-FM (93.3).

In court Thursday afternoon, Clem was asked to look at a drawing that had appeared on his website.  It's a Photoshopped picture of a large woman, carrying a small man to bed.

Attorney: “Would you take a look at Mrs. Schnitt? See her? You see the face on this Photoshop? Is that Mr. Schnitts face?"

“With all due respect, it’s not really that clear,” Bubba answered.

The drawing talks about MJ being fired from Clear Channel. Bubba said a viewer made it.

“My show is entertainment. We put on a show, very few people turn to my show. It’s like a 60 minutes-based show. It’s a show. It’s an entertaining show. A ton of hyperbole, a ton of satire. It’s a show.”

Clem said the remarks he made were about public figures. He told the jury by his calculations; MJ's wife appeared on his show hundreds of times over the years, so he believed she was fair game.

“Three times a week equals 1,890 if you narrow it to two times a week that she would appear it would be roughly over 1,200,” he testified.

A former Clear Channel radio executive also took the stand Thursday.

Former executive Daniel DiLoreto said Clear Channel employees became so alarmed about some of the things Bubba the Love Sponge Clem was saying on his radio show; they started to tape his shows every day on their own to make sure they heard what he was saying. 

In court Thursday morning, DiLoreto was on the stand as much of Wednesday's radio clips from Clem's shows in 2008 were replayed.

In one clip, Bubba accuses MJ of fixing a national contest, rigging it for one of his employees. DiLoreto, when asked if that was true, said no and that he had never heard of anything like that.

Jurors took notes throughout the exchange.

Court will resume Friday at 8:45 a.m. The trial is expected to last two more weeks.