Residents who live along a mucky creek in Clearwater are getting a reprieve.

Dredging has begun in Stevenson Creek, a project that residents say is long overdue.

William Basore has lived along the creek for more than 30 years.

"I’ve prayed for it for 30 years," he said.

He said his picturesque view has its problems.

"It’s just a smelly mess, that’s all," Basore said. "And it’s a beautiful piece of water and a beautiful piece of real estate on it, but with the muck that’s in there right now, you can’t do nothing with it."

Basore says the muck must be about 6 feet deep. He knows because he says he’s gotten stuck in it.

Bill Coughlin, with Gator Dredging, says 19 million gallons of muck and sand will be dredged from the creek, where the water quality has been compromised.

"The low water quality is caused because the sediment releases organics ... garbage, stuff that flows out of the storm drains and comes into this creek (is) being captured in this portion of the creek," Basore said.

Coughlin says crews should be dredging until May.

"By removing those sediments, deepening the water and allowing the flows to increase will increase the water quality which in turn increases fish habitat and wildlife habitat in this area," said Coughlin.

That sounds good to Basore, who says he just wants to enjoy his view.