For Pepin Academy senior Thalia Arbelaez dance is everything and now with the help of her dance teacher, she’s using her love of the art to spread the message of Down syndrome.

“My dance is my passion,” said Thalia Arbelaez.

Thalia’s one of three chosen to speak and perform at the National Down Syndrome Congress convention in Denver, Colorado. When Thalia was born doctors never expected her to walk, let alone dance but since the first time she hit the stage, there was no turning back!

“I never thought she was going to be what she is today,” said Thalia’s dad Arbey Arbelaez.

But what Thalia is, is an inspiration to children and adults just like her.

“Thalia is a particular little lady. When she rehearses she’s one person but when she hits the stage, she’s a different person,” said Thalia’s mom, Alicia Arbelaez.

Thalia said she won’t let anyone stop her from doing what she loves.

“I can do it. I can do anything,” said Thalia. “When I try my best I can.”

And when in Denver she’ll spread the message to never give up. Thalia will be at the convention in Denver from July 19th through the 21st.