Finding your child’s lifeless body floating in a pool is a parent’s worst nightmare and one Polk family is hoping other parents will learn from their experience.

Michael Warren said his 2-year-old daughter Abby nearly drowned in a pool at a family holiday party in Auburndale on Memorial Day. Warren said she slipped in the backyard while no one was watching.

“I was so scared. I’ve never been so scared in my entire life,” Warren said.

The fear came after Warren spotted his daughter’s motionless body in the water.

“To this day I still have the images of her in the Jacuzzi floating and what her face looked like,” he said.

He immediately sprang into action. He got his daughter out of the water and started CPR.

“I wasn’t going to loose my baby girl...I started doing chest compressions, I told her don’t leave me,” he said.

He got her breathing before paramedics arrived. Abby was airlifted to Tampa General Hospital where she made a full recovery.

Abby’s father said the company he works for requires him to stay up to date on his CPR training so he was prepared.

An outcome three other families didn’t get that day.

“We were told there were four other drowning incidents in just this area and she was the only survival story,” Abby’s mother, Rachel Warren said.

It’s a story that Rachel said they’re trying prevent from happening again by enrolling Abby into swimming classes. A story she’s hoping other parents will learn from.

Warren wants to encourage other parents to get CPR training just in case something like this ever happens to them.