More than a hundred people put their July 4th BBQ's on hold to protest what they call an attack on our Fourth Amendment rights.

Armed with signs, spirit and words, the protesters celebrated Independence Day by standing up for our freedom.

They believe that government surveillance programs have infringed on their rights as American citizens.

"I've never protested a thing in my life,” said Kurt Thompson, who came to downtown Tampa from Port Richey to show his support. “But, in my opinion, its gone too far and something needs to be done.”

Organizers say PRISM, the secret National Security Administration program that was made known by Edward Snowden, is a gross violation of the Fourth Amendment.

They want the government to stop spying on Americans according to their website. That's after learning that Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple have been sharing private data with the NSA.

"I'm watching an erosion of all of our liberties and our rights as every administration that comes in just chips away at it,” said Jose Martinez who came to show his support.

The protesters came from as far as Sarasota and Port Richey, and all had one thing in mind.

"We are middle aged, middle income people that are fed up. Not anarchists, not people who protest for a living, just regular folks who have had enough of what the government's doing,” said Thompson.

“As Americans, we are free people and our freedom is what makes us great. And if we don’t protect it, it doesn’t matter who you are: democrat, republican, libertarian, you’re no one,” said Adam Hopkins.

They shouted for change, and hoped their voices would be heard on the most patriotic day of the year.