Jasmine Le'Shea always wears a smile, even as life deals her a very tough hand.

She has congestive heart failure. Jasmine needs a new heart to live.

"I have no idea what's next, " Le'Shea said. "I'm trusting God for it. But I have no idea."

A simple walk makes Le'Shea tired. She has sporadic pains in her chest.

"Physically, she is deteriorating," said Dr. Mark Weston, her cardiologist at Tampa General Hospital.
The 27-year-old went through similar pain, when she was first diagnosed as a teenager.

"I was taken to the ER because I couldn't walk from one room to the other on my own," said Le'Shea. "When I got there, they told my mother I had pneumonia. Then they came back moments later and said I'm sorry, your daughter has congestive heart failure."

While most 15-year-olds were focused on high school, Jasmine received a heart. Dr. Weston remembered how frightened she was about the procedure.

"I think everybody's kind of scared, particularly when some guy walks in with a white coat and says your heart's failing and you need a new heart," said Dr. Weston. "When you're 15, I'm not sure you can really process that."

Doctors told her the first heart would only last 10 years because the body is constantly trying to reject it.

Le'Shea takes 10 different medications to slow down that process as she waits for a second heart transplant. While she waits, Le'Shea put her words in song to share her story. http://youtu.be/2daj3G0LVKY

She also started to raise money for an upcoming heart transplant. Le'Shea said she has insurance, but she needs $100,000 to cover out-of-pocket expenses.

The website Le'Shea created showed she's raised more than $20,000. Her church launched a fundraising campaign too. For Le'Shea, the support has been overwhelming.

"I can't express it," Le'Shea said. "It's crazy to imagine that people would love me that much."

Doctors said it could be another year before a second heart becomes available for her.

To find out more about how you can help, just go to www.youcaring.com/JLBF.