The homeless woman who is accused of sneaking onto MacDill Air Force Base appears to be no stranger to slick moves around military and government facilities.

According to partner newspaper the Tampa Bay Times, Suzanne Jensen was arrested in 2003 after she spent a weekend in a congressman's office.

Officials say she walked into California Congressman Devin Nunes' office during business hours on a Friday and was not discovered until the following Sunday. Officials said she ate everything in the office refrigerator while she was there.

Court records show that Suzanne Jensen was taken into custody in Colorado. It's not clear exactly how she was caught.

The arrest comes after her recent admission that she used turned over garbage cans to sneak onto MacDill.

A judge has ordered a mental competency hearing for Jensen later this month.

Apparently, Jensen, 51, has developed a unique set of skills when it comes to breaking through post-Sept. 11 government security.

In addition to the other breeches, authorities say Jensen has been able to gain access to at least four other installations across the country.

According to the Times, in August of 2012, Jensen pleaded guilty to trespassing onto Fort Myer in Virginia. She also was charged with illegally entering Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base in North Carolina. However, those charges were dismissed.

Officials are still trying to determine why Jensen traveled to Colorado, which incidentally is home to the U.S. Air Force Academy.