Experts are trying to determine the cause of a hole that caved in a driveway in a Holiday neighborhood Sunday morning.

Around mid-morning Sunday, Pasco County Fire Rescue crews responded to a reported sinkhole at 4923 Calais Drive. They found a hole measuring about 20 feet wide and 15 feet deep.

The affected home and some nearby homes were evacuated, but authorities allowed the neighbors back into their homes after determining that the hole wasn't spreading.

"I really feel for the home owner," said neighbor Sandra McMann. "That's a really awful way to wake up in the morning."

Carol Bowers, who lives in the affected home, said she discovered the hole only after walking outside Sunday morning. She said she felt fortunate she hadn't backed out of her garage because she could have driven into the hole.

"It made me a little bit weary because it's so close to my house and it's a good sized hole," said neighbor George Kimball. "They could put a car in it. Her car is still in the garage she can't get it out. She could put her car in that hole."

Authorities could not confirm that the hole was a sinkhole. They said it was possible that water pumping created a cavity, leading to the cave-in.

No injuries were reported. It was unclear how much, if any, structural damage the affected home sustained. There was an initial report that the hole had spread to beneath the garage.