Residents in Poinciana are once again trying to get their community to become a city.

With a population of 47,976, Poinciana is one of the largest communities in Osceola County, but it's only governed by a homeowners' association.

State lawmakers have shot down two previous attempts to incorporate Poinciana, and the idea was shot down again Wednesday.

Pleading with legislators, people from Poinciana made their case both for and against the community becoming a city.

"With the population the size of Poinciana, there is just no other way we can get the services we need," said Keith Laytham, a resident.

It's the same argument legislators have heard for years. The Department of Revenue recently estimated millions of dollars in tax revenue would go back to Poinciana if it became a city.

People opposed to the concept are more concerned with what money they would need to pay if it became a city.

"No city can get along without taxing the residents no matter what they said," Jeffrey Goldmacher said.

Residents weren't the only ones concerned, though.

Developers and representatives from the homeowners' association spoke out against Poinciana becoming a city.

Legislators decided not to move forward with plans this session to make Poinciana a city.

Although supporters left the meeting discouraged once again, they said they won't give up.