For years, Polish painter Piotr Janowski has been working on his art inside his home. But, when he moved to Florida six months ago he decided to start his first outdoor project.

Janowski covered most of his rental home in aluminum foil.

“It took us four days,” he said.

It took him and his friend 15 rolls of aluminum foil to cover three walls of the rental home as well as some of his palm trees. He attached foil sculpted ears to the palm trees to symbolize curiosity.

Piotr says he chose aluminum foil because it blends in with nature.

“I paint on aluminum sheets and discovered that aluminum reflects the world around,” he said.

His art piece has drawn people from neighboring cities to drive and take a look.

“It’s different, it’s unique,” said a fan of the art project, Don Solino.

However, not everyone thinks it's art. Some of the neighbors that live right across the street say it’s an eye sore and needs to be gone.

Those negative opinions don’t offend Janowski.

“Bad or good opinion is always good for an artist, it’s a big motivation,” he said.