The city of Tarpon Springs wants to remember fallen officer Charlie Kondek in huge way.

On Friday, the city added his name to the Public Safety Building -- the same building where Kondek reported for duty every day for 17 years.

During the memorial, Tarpon Springs police officers lined up for their brother that’s gone, but not forgotten.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Charlie, the sacrifice he made and the commitment to our department and community,” said Tarpon Springs Major, Jeffrey Young. 

Kondek was killed last year while responding to a disturbance call. His outstanding service brought his fellow officers, family and the community back to the Public Safety Building where the Friday’s memorial took place.

 “We are gathered to honor Officer Charlie Kondek Jr. in a tangible way,” said Chief Robert Kochen.

Officers saluted a wreath with Kondek’s badge number and the department honored him with four medals that include the Medal of Ultimate Sacrifice, Medal of Honor, Combat Cross and Purple Heart.

The Medals were presented to Kondek’s widow during the ceremony.

Kondek’s youngest daughter, Aleena, says this dedication echoes what her father always reassured her.

“He said that if a Tarpon Springs uniform ever came to the door that meant he is not coming home. But he said the law enforcement family would always be here for us,”  said Aleena Kondek.