The Florida State University student accused of killing her mother and stepfather has been denied bond.

Deputies brought Nicole Nachtman, 21, back to Hillsborough County on Monday. Nachtman is accused of killing Myriam Dienes and her husband, Robert.

According to the arrest report, Nachtman told a witness that she heard “screaming voices in her head and began thinking about killing her mother.” The report said she started to see signs on campus indicating her dreams were about to come true, so she left FSU and drove to Carrollwood.

When she arrived at the Carrollwood home Thursday night, her stepfather was the only one home. Deputies said she found a gun and shot him. The report said Nachtman told the witness the voices calmed down after she killed her stepfather.

Myriam Dienes was away on a Naval Reserve trip at the time. According to the arrest report, Nachtman waited overnight for her mother to return home. When her mother arrived home, Nachtman started to have second thoughts and tried to flee through the bedroom window.

Deputies said that when Myriam Dienes saw Nachtman, she confronted her, which is when Nachtman shot her outside the home.

Myriam Dienes’ body was found in a neighbor’s driveway, while Robert Dienes’ body was found beneath a blanket in a locked room inside the house.

Deputies arrested Nachtman in Tallahassee on Friday night. She is now being held without bond on two counts of first-degree murder.

Deputies said they are not releasing 911 calls in the case as they are part of an ongoing investigation.