A Tarpon Springs man is charged with 100 counts of child porn possession following a routine traffic stop.
Justin Murdock, 30, was stopped in Tampa in late December for an expired tag. Police say he was in possession of marijuana, but also a computer tablet with “copious amounts” of child pornography.
The arresting officer noticed Murdock making “furtive movements” after being asked about the tablet under his seat.
A TPD spokesperson says the officer then turned on the tablet to see if it was stolen. Police say they noticed what appeared to be a picture of child porn.
Murdock denied the tablet was his.
After a search warrant, police say they found pornography involving children as young as two years old.
Murdock’s neighbors say they are surprised because he seemed like a quiet and polite neighbor.
Murdock is being held on $100,000 at the Pinellas County Jail.