A variety showcase called ‘Saddle Up’ was recently held to benefit Casey’s Healing Hooves, a local organization providing low cost and free therapeutic equine therapy.

It's one of several all-volunteer shows put on by Bay area producer and journalist Deb Kelly, the heart and soul of ‘Life Amplified Showcase.’

Everyday Hero host Bill Murphy caught up with her where the magic happens, Carrollwood Players Theatre.

“I put on a charity showcase three times a year," she said. "And it started at Tampa Pitcher Show and moved over to here in May of 2014, and it stayed here, and they’re amazing."

A one-woman band volunteering countless hours, Kelly focuses on the smaller charities, the "moms and pops," as she calls them.

“We have all volunteers," Kelly said. "All the people who perform are volunteers, and 100 percent of the proceeds go to the charity."

Her past shows have helped organizations like the Animal Coalition of Tampa, K-9s for Veterans, Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, and Redefining Refuge, an organization fighting for women and children the victims of human trafficking.

At another of her shows, young performers are on stage for Bricks for the Brave benefitting children hospitalized with life threatening illnesses.

For Deb Kelly paying it forward is more than a saying. It is a mantra.

“I want to help people," she said. "That’s what we’re all put on this planet fo,r is to help one another. If you’re not helping one another, what are you doing."