A Bradenton woman is in jail after police say she sent a bomb threat to her neighbor last weekend, prompting an evacuation of the block.

  • Nuria Gursoy accused of sending neighbor bomb threat
  • Police evacuated the block
  • Motive under investigation  

Nuria Gursoy, 50, made a first appearance in court on Monday.

Investigators say on Saturday night Gursoy sent a text message to her neighbor saying there was a bomb in the backyard that would go off in one hour.

Her neighbor, Nicholas Riegel, who received the text, said the bomb threat “caused significant amount of stress" for himself, his wife and their children.

Police evacuated the 1600 block of the neighborhood.

"It was scary because it's like what’s going on, who are they looking for, and are they around my house?” said Joanne Marmo, resident who was evacuated.

Police knocked on everyone’s door just after midnight. However, Marmo said no one panicked.

"Everyone just kind of packed up and moved on down. Basically we stayed right at the end of the street," said Marmo.

While the bomb was not real, the threat to Reigel's family was.

"I'm just concerned if she returns it’s going to cause more issues," said Rigel.

The judge ordered Gursoy to stay 500 feet away from her neighbor's house, even if it means she has to find a new home. Her bond is set at $25,000.

Police are still investigating the motive for the threat.