In honor of Veterans Day, a Hernando County school is hosting a field of honor, where dozens of flags are set up in honor of those who served.

Notre Dame Catholic School in Spring Hill is hosting the display. It is the only one in Florida for Veterans Day.

"It's so amazing and honorable for our school to honor those who've fought in a war and the veterans themselves. I have a lot of people in my family that are veterans, and I love how we do this for them," said sixth-grader Dylan Elferdiak.

Field of Honor is sponsored by the Healing Field National Foundation. It started doing displays like this in 2002 to honor the lives of those lost in the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

Families have sponsored each one of the flags, dedicating them to loved ones who served.

Students have been preparing for this all week, creating drawings and writing speeches about patriotism. School administrators hope students can take away an important lesson.

"Not just a pride for country, but an understanding of what suffering has gone on for us to be here to be able to live in this great country. They learn about citizenship, they learn about soldiers, they learn about the military, they learn about first-responders," said Principal Florence Buono.

The display will be up outside of Notre Dame Catholic School until Sunday.