Hillsborough House of Hope has helped women turn their lives around for 14 years. 

  • Hillsborough House of Hope celebrating 14 years of service 
  • House of Hope helps women through addiction, struggles
  • Organization a faith-based transitional home

On Tuesday, March 14, the organization will celebrate its impressive 65-70% success rate with an annual Spring Fling Luncheon and fundraiser. 

The event helps raise money for House of Hope to continue helping people like Kathy Jo Gibson.

"I spent 25 days in a jail by myself. Scared to death with no one. My family was gone. I spent 25 days of horror," recalls Gibson. 

She said she lived a privileged life until her addiction to alcohol stole it all away and landed her in jail.

"That was the worst time of my life," she said. 

The offense was minor but the wake up call was monumental. 

Gibson knew she had to get help but once she sobered up she had no idea how to get back the life and people she had lost. That is when hope stepped in -- Hillsborough House of Hope.

"When we share with the women, you know, what it is to live on life terms even after making all the mistakes that you've made in life and you still have a chance. There's hope," said Linda Walker, program manager for Hillsborough House of Hope.

House of Hope offers a faith-based transitional home for women. In the program, women are required to work on life-skills, self-esteem, employability, budgeting and much more.

Gibson went through the six month program in 2015 and left her dark past behind for good.

"I now have my family back. I have my grandchildren in my life, my brother, umm, my parents are deceased but I have my family. I have an automobile, I have an awesome job at the Salvation Army," said Gibson.

Gibson is one of many happy endings that might never have happened without Hillsborough House of Hope.

The Hillsborough House of Hope is always looking for clothing and furniture donations as well as volunteers to help with class programming to help the women.