In Largo, in the Room of Hope, Everyday Hero host Bill Murphy met Ashley Fox.

She’s the co-owner of Infinity Headbands, a company that makes trendy, interchangeable headbands.

  • Woman helps foster children with gift of headband hope
  • Ashley Fox gives free headbands to Eckerd Kids
  • Fox behind 'prom dreams' for foster kids

She provides headbands with no charge for foster children for Eckerd Kids, the nonprofit child and family service organization.

For Fox, the decision to become involved was easily reached. She knows all about foster kids.

“I’ve actually been involved with foster care for about 15 years. We adopted my youngest from foster care,” Fox said.

Kelly Rossi, Director of Eckerd Raising Hope, talked about this special room and its ability to raise hope.

“We were designed to be that place when kids enter the foster care system,” Rossi said.  “We’re the place where they can come and get those needed items once state funding falls short.”

Fox’s involvement is more than headbands.  For the past two years she has been the driving force in making ‘prom dreams’ a reality for some foster kids.

“Maybe they’re able to go but they don’t have a new dress.  Not going to get their hair done or their nails done,” Fox said.  “So it’s really just to provide an experience and make a difference, something that they’ll never forget.”

Ashley partnered with other local businesses to coordinate all that is needed to make a prom dream come true, from hair to nails, shoes to gowns to jewelry, and everything else.

For Ashley Fox the payback is simple.

“To see the smile and know that you’ve made a difference, just brought joy to a child in foster care is pretty powerful,” Fox said.