A young woman who as a little girl suffered epileptic seizures is now an advocate for people dealing with the disease.

That little girl is now a young woman: Roni-Kay Lopez.

As a little girl, she once suffered 106 epileptic seizures - in one day.

That little girl is now a young woman:  Roni-Kay Lopez.

“I was actually an infant when I was diagnosed with epilepsy.  I had my first seizure before I was one and as a child they grew into a lot of more seizures.  Different types of seizures growing up,” Lopez said.

About nine years ago, Roni-Kay met with a medical team at Tampa General Hospital.

“I went through some diagnostic testing and found out that all my seizure activity was coming from one area of my brain,” she said.

She underwent delicate brain surgery.

As a result, she is seizure and medication free.

Roni-Kay is an advocate for people with epilepsy and for those who need to learn more about it.

Two years she created the non-profit Seize The Moment Foundation.

“We provide epilepsy research and procedures. If any patient needs help financially we make sure they’re covered,” Lopez said.

It all costs money and Lopez is the queen of fund raising  including golf and bowling  tournaments and special outings to Rays, Bucs, and Lightning games.

A women of seemingly limitless energy, she never stops.

“I  would like to have the people that are battling epilepsy knowing that they are not alone. To be more comfortable sharing their stories,” Lopez said.

A story she knows all too well.

“I don’t consider myself a hero. I consider myself an advocate with a cause. I want to be there for people,” Lopez said.