SARASOTA, Fla. -- The Sarasota Riverview High student "promposal" that went wrong has resulted in action from the student and the school district. 

  • Student's promposal sparks outrage online
  • Many on social media are calling the sign racist 
  • A school district statement said it didn't condone the message

The 18-year-old student stirred a backlash when he held up a sign with a racially offensive message to invite his girlfriend to the prom.

The teen posted a sign on social media stating: "If I was black, I'd be picking cotton, but I'm white, so I'm picking u 4 prom."

After a photo of the sign was posted on Snapchat and shared across social media, school officials immediately began investigating.

The school district has since launched a roundtable discussion with students across the district to talk about racial tensions. School officials said they plan on providing resources to students to address inequality issues.  

The family of the student issued a statement reading: 

"While our son has apologized himself, on behalf of our family, we wish to also express our most sincere apologies for the terrible words used in his promposal.  

"We love our son dearly and know that he is a far better person than reflected in this reckless behavior."

They went on to say they share deep regret and serious concern about their sons actions, which he initially said he meant as a joke.

In a robocall to Riverview parents, acting principal Kathy Wilks said the school does not "condone or support" the student's message.

An NAACP official encouraged school administrators to issue a district-wide response making it clear that the sign was inappropriate.

And the student's family added the teen will not be attending any further school activities this year, including prom and graduation. They went on to say they hope people can forgiven their son.