BROOKSVILLE, Fla. -- Vietnam veteran David Keith has been missing a keepsake for almost two years.

  • Retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel David Keith lost ring two years ago
  • He said ring fell off his hand when he flushed commode
  • Hernando County utilities workers found it near his home

"I was heartbroken and I knew that that was just ... I would never, ever see it again," said retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel David Keith.

The purple heart recipient served in the Army from 1965 to 1989 and his Special Forces ring was very special to him.

He had the ring made while serving in the Vietnam War and was disappointed when it was lost in an unfortunate mishap.

"I reached back to flush the commode, and off it came," Keith.

“The next thing I saw was swoosh, it jet away, headed downhill. I just said, 'Well that's gone.'"

Almost two years later, the veteran got some good news.



The ring was found by Hernando County utilities workers performing maintenance on the lift station near his home.

That location services 1,700 homes.

After a good cleaning, the keepsake was returned to Keith during a commissioners meeting Tuesday.

"There are no words to express my feelings at this time," Keith said when he was reunited with the ring.

Josh Walker and Adam Seeman found the piece of jewelry and were there for the reunion.

"It's a great feeling, it's very nice seeing how happy he is," said Walker.

Keith says it's a miracle the men found the ring he thought he’d never see again.

"Wonderful, wonderful. I just can't describe it it's been, it was an old friend. I had it for many, many years and I tried to replace it and just, there's no replacement," Keith said.