ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- A Disney World employee admitted to video voyeurism after he was caught pointing a cell phone at another man in an Animal Kingdom employee bathroom, an Orange County Sheriff's report says.

  • Disney World employee admits to video voyeurism, deputies say
  • Eric King is accused of recording another man in a restroom
  • Restroom was located in an employees-only area of Animal Kingdom

The incident reportedly happened November 27 inside the men's restroom at the Animal Kingdom employee cafeteria.

According to a Sheriff's Office incident report, a man, also a Disney employee, told deputies he was standing at a urinal when he saw a cell phone pointed at him from under the neighboring stall. The man said he hit the wall of the stall and asked the person what they were doing, the report says. After he didn't get a response, the man said he left the restroom and waited outside to confront the person. As the man waited, he called Disney World security and authorities.

About 20 minutes later, 21-year-old Eric King of Polk City exited the restroom and tried to quickly leave the building, the incident report states. The man chased after King and asked him about the cell phone. At first King said he didn't have a cell phone, but then he showed the man the cell phone, which didn't contain any pictures of the man, the Sheriff's report continued.

When deputies interviewed King, he initially said that he was looking at his cell phone but it slipped from his hands, according to the report. King said he was just picking it up from under the stall when the other man asked him what he was doing.

King showed deputies his phone, which didn't have any images of the man, they said. Deputies said it's possible that King deleted the photos prior to their arrival.

Deputies confiscated King's Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to conduct a computer forensic analysis.

According to the incident report, King confessed to video voyeurism. 

King has been placed on unpaid leave pending the investigation in the allegations, a Disney spokesperson said in a statement. 

"The individual has been placed on unpaid leave pending the investigatin of the allegation