LAKELAND, Fla. — A 31-year-old exotic dancer was arrested Wednesday after police said she admitted to posting threats online to commit a mass shooting.

  • Police: Brein Basarich, 31, posted threats to Tumblr account
  • Officer said she said was admirer of serial killers, mass murderers
  • Basarich charged with written threat to kill or injure
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Lakeland Police Officer Colton Thompson said in an arrest affidavit that he made contact with Brien Basarich, 31, at her home on Wednesday. During Thompson's interview with Basarich, he said she confirmed that a number of posts made to Tumblr, an online blogging site, under the username "taking-lives" were hers.

In those posts, Basarich reportedly stated that she had homicidal urges and that she planned to purchase an AR-15 "soonish." She also reportedly described having a "vision" of a bar or club with one way in and one way out, and that 2019 had a lot in store if her plans went smoothly.

When the officer asked why she'd made the posts, she described herself as a great admirer of serial killers and mass murderers.

Basarich was arrested and transported to the Polk County Jail. She was charged with making a written threat to kill or injure.

Basarich bonded out of jail Thursday.

Brien Basarich (Courtesy of Lakeland Police)