SPRING HILL, Fla. — Calls to 911 have been released and are giving an idea of the chaos after a car slammed into a Beef O'Brady's on Tuesday, injuring people inside. 

"Oh my God, we almost got hit man," a caller said in the call released Wednesday.

In a 911 call, a man inside a Ford F-150 said a Saturn hit his truck, moments before crashing into the restaurant before 2 p.m. in Spring Hill. Six people were taken to a hospital, and four of them have since been released.

"I'm freaking out right now," the caller said. "Like, all I heard was like a crack and his car was in the bush next to the Publix sign and clipped our front bumper," the caller said. 

Troopers say a 65-year-old woman was driving on Spring Hill Drive when she lost control of her vehicle, crossed over traffic, hit a flower bed, and hit the truck and another car before crashing into the restaurant. 

"It came out of nowhere. We were pulling over here to Pinch-a-Penny,” the caller said. 

Moments after the crash, there was distress in another caller's voice as people rushed to help.

"There's a bunch of people helping get the lady out of the car, and I think there was a lady in the booth,” the caller said. 

A dispatcher responded and said, "Ma'am, take a breath for a second. You said a vehicle ran into the building?"

"Yes sir, a car. Right through the window, crashed over our booth. I'm pretty sure there was a lady in the booth,” the caller said. 

The callers stressed that help was needed right away. 

"Her head is bleeding, it looks like she hit her head on the table," one caller said. 

"We're trying to pull the car out of the building right now, but ambulance, somebody needs to get here, like now," another added. 

Troopers haven’t said exactly what caused the driver to lose control of her vehicle. 

The restaurant plans to re-open Thursday.