FLORIDA — Florida's new distracted driving law, or texting while driving, goes into effect July 1, and law enforcement agencies across the state are preparing for how they’re going to enforce it.

Spectrum News reached out to agencies about implementing the policy Monday, and they said it'll be a lot easier to enforce a texting while driving ban.

But authorities say not much is going to change on their end. They continually get updates when new laws go into effect, therefore they claimed nothing different in training is happening.

They're hoping the change happens with drivers.

As far as enforcing the rule, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s spokesperson said it'll be done on a case-by-case basis.

The Sheriff’s Office said texting violations will be treated like any other primary offense traffic violation.

Deputies expect challenges from drivers trying to find loopholes around getting a citation, because they exist.

According to officials, drivers can still use your GPS, look at weather or traffic alerts, or call in an emergency.

Traffic judges might see more work as a result.

Pinellas County Sheriff's officials said their enforcement will go through an education period. They'll give out a warning the first time.

But drivers better make changes, because getting pulled over multiple times for texting while driving will end up in a ticket.

A hands-free requirement while driving in school and work zones goes into effect in October.

Citations will not be handed out for this violation until January 1, 2020.