DUNEDIN, Fla. — It takes Clear Sky Draught Haus Executive Chef  Tarik Gul 13 hours and two minutes to craft his brisket bomb sandwich. 

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  • Clear Sky Draught Haus restaurant is located at 680 Main Street in Dunedin
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It takes decidely less time to enjoy it. 

Granted, 13 hours of that time is spent with the meat getting tantalizingly tender in the smoker. Gull did spill some information on his house spice mixture for prepping the meat for the smoker - his secret ingredients is coffee grinds.

"Why coffee grinds? trying something different." he said, while also discussing the time involved. "13 hours gives us the perfect, moist brisket."

It must be working as the dish is the Dunedin restaurant's top seller.

The smoky meat mixture also includes cole slaw with the usual cabbage, red onions and carrots and then...diced mango. 

Gul also mixes in ranch-based dressing with the mango puree. The sweetness complements the smoky meat.

"I also did peaches before, you know they can use something different," Gul said. "But normally people make cole slaw they just make a boring one mayo-based with the sugar."

Then comes a grilled tomato with melted cheddar cheese to top the brisket.

"Yeah the brisket is going to be hot but not hot enough to melt the cheese," Gul said. "Who doesn't like melted cheese?"

The tender brisket is then piled high with the cole slaw, tomatoes and cheese - all between a brioche bun.

Brisket Bomb Sandwich

From Clear Sky Draught Haus Executive Chef Tarik Gul


Chef’s signature seasoning is a mixture of:

Granulated garlic

Onion powder

Black pepper 

Kosher salt

Cayenne pepper 

Cajun seasoning

Brown sugar

Ground coffee


Coat all sides of the brisket with seasoning and let rest for 10 minutes.

Put in smoker and cook 13 hours 210 degrees.

Mango Coleslaw


1.5 Cups coleslaw dressing

1 Cup diced mango

1 Cup shredded carrots 

1 Cup julienned red onion 

6 Cups shredded cabbage


Cut Ingredients fresh and mix.

Sandwich Construction

1 Brioche Bun

6 oz. brisket

1 oz. bbq sauce

2 oz. mango coleslaw

1 slice tomato

1 slice sharp cheddar