You might notice some new lights on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge at night.

  • 1,800 LED light fixtures being added to Skyway Bridge
  • Project is combination of safety, beauty
  • Lights will have 8 themes
  • More Traffic headines

It is part of the Bridge Lighting Project and right now it's in the testing phase. The project is a little bit about aesthetics and a little bit about safety.

The Florida Department of Transportation is in the process of adding more than 1,800 LED light fixtures. They will extend all along the sloped and main span of the bridge.

All the columns will be illuminated by floodlights, which will help with safety and security, because right now the underside of the bridge is very dark.

What also makes the project special is that the lights will have eight themes and they'll move and change colors. So for example, certain lighting could be used for certain seasons and events.

FDOT hopes the lights will provide beauty and inspiration for residents and visitors alike.

"We want them to be proud of the bridge," said spokesperson Kris Carson. "We maintain this bridge, it's going to be around for another 50-75 years. Any new bridge that is built, lighting is already included and this bridge never had lighting, so this is just going to be really a signature bridge for the state of Florida.

"It's going to be beautiful."

The project started about a year ago and it's now in the final phases. Crews are testing the lights out right now to make sure everything works properly. They hope to have it finished sometime this fall.

The $15 million project is paid for with toll money from drivers who use the bridge.