ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — The goal is to make sure Bahamians have a Merry Christmas.  

A local church traveled from St. Petersburg to Nassau Wednesday morning on a plane full of supplies for the people devastated by Hurricane Dorian earlier this year.

The group from St. Joseph Catholic Church said they wanted to wait until Christmas to collect the items to let the people there know they haven’t been forgotten.  

Hurricane Dorian leveled parts of the island when it made landfall on September 1st as a Cat 5 storm, killing dozens of people.  

“Often times, when these events leave the news, it leaves people’s minds. They’re not thinking about what has happened, but I believe we have a responsibility to reach those and so we stand with them, and we join with them, and let them know they are loved and cared for especially at Christmas time,” said Father Stephan Brown.

Father Brown and members of the church loaded the small plane on Wednesday.  

The group raised over $5000.  

They’re bringing food, water, medical supplies, and Christmas gifts for the kids in the Bahamas.