TAMPA, Fla. - For the next few days or weeks even, children will be glued to their new tech gadgets gained from Christmas.

  • Eye experts say screen size matters more for eye development in children
  • The smaller the screen size, the fewer children should use it
  • Try to limit screen time as a parent as well
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While experts have talked about limiting screen time, eye specialists have argued the size of the screen matters more to make sure your child’s eye-development isn’t stunted.

Dr. Nathan Bonilla-Warford from Bright Eyes Tampa is an optometrist specializing in children’s eye development.

Dr. Bonilla-Warford said the smaller the screen the fewer children should be using it.

He explained the smaller the gadget, the closer kids put it up to their faces.

"And the closer they hold it, the more their eyes have to work to focus and the more their eyes have to turn in so that they can see it clearly," he said.

Dr. Bonilla-Warford also explained a child's posture focuses as well.

When they look up, it's harder for the eyes to see and relax.

He said the smaller screen effects are worse than even when reading a book.

That's because reading usually offers natural breaks — like turning pages or moving to a different paragraph — where the eyes can re-set and relax.

He recommends to parents to not only limit screen time and make sure the size is adequate, but also to be mindful of setting a good example as a parent.