TAMPA, Fla. — A Tampa-based company is moving forward with clinical trials of a cancer vaccine after getting FDA approval. 

  • Clinical study will involve about 20 patients
  • 3 patients already participating in study
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Morphogenesis, Inc. developed the vaccine after decades of research and study. Earlier trials showed promise in larger animals afflicted with melanoma.  

Now the company wants to test the drug on humans with two types of carcinoma. The green light from the FDA opens the door toward expanding the treatment to humans. 

The clinical study will include about 20 patients. Three people are already participating in the study. 

“The preliminary data does come out through the course of this study so we're aware of what's going on,” Ashraf Dehlawi, director of regulatory affairs for Morphogenesis. “There's only so much we can disclose at this point, so it's definitely very promising.” 

Morphogenesis is also looking cost-effective ways patients can ingest the drug so that it can be available to more people once it goes on the market.