BRADENTON, Fla. -- Wesley Blalock has been a firefighter for about 18 months—and before that – he was an EMT on an ambulance for two-and-a-half years.

Now he is stationed at Cedar Hammock Fire Rescue in Bradenton.

“I love being a firefighter. I think it’s the greatest job in the world. We have a great group here and great camaraderie. And on top of that we get to help people day in, day out. You couldn’t ask for a better job,” said Blalock, 3rd Class Firefighter, Cedar Hammock Fire Rescue.

He talks life and work in the time of the Coronavirus.

Wesley Blalock is not afraid.

“Things have definitely changed drastically,” said Blalock. “This was not covered in fire school you know, not to this caliber.”

Of course emergency responders train to overcome and adapt to any situation, Blalock explains.

“As long as we are utilizing our face masks, our eye protection, our gloves, and utilizing a face mask for our patient, that limits our exposure exponentially,” he said. 

In addition to wearing their protective gear, the crews are cleaning the station and their equipment more and cutting down their initial contact with patients.

“So instead of having three firefighters enter an establishment we try to limit it to one,” explained Blalock. “As long as there is no immediate life threat, we try to keep our six-foot distance and ask our pertinent questions to the patient.”

Firefighters are urging people to answer health questions as thoroughly as possible for everyone’s safety.