TAMPA, Fla. -- Events across the Bay area have been cancelled or rescheduled because of Coronavirus. The impacts being felt from consumers to companies.

Sports fan Steve Burkhardt was looking forward to cheering on the new XFL Tampa Bay Vipers.

"We were very close to the players, we were on the 5-yard line, so it was going to be exciting," said Burkhardt.

Now, after a cancelled season and a bankrupt league, Burkhardt says he's waiting for a full refund.

"In a holding pattern right now."

Whether it's season tickets, plane tickets, or concert tickets, University of South Florida Professor of Economics Chris Jones says it will take time to see exactly how event cancellations from Coronavirus will impact ticket holders and other companies.

“These companies are still trying to figure out whether they’re going to survive and become solvent at the end of the day, so we may not know the exact number for several months, maybe even a year down the line in terms of consumer losses," said Dr. Jones.

The Straz Center in Tampa is working through that uncertainty with a future-focused attitude, asking guests to be patient.

"It’s a bit of a puzzle trying to put that together with the tours, the tours want to go on too, the shows want to come back," said Summer Bohnenkamp, Vice President of Programming and Marketing at The Straz Center.

"It’s just a matter of when that’s going to be safe for everyone and plan accordingly when there’s a lot of uncertainty out there."

Once there's confirmation about a show, Straz ticket holders have options.

"Put that money on account to make a future, purchase," said Bohnenkamp. "To donate, because we’re a not-for-profit and we’re also trying to raise as many funds as we can and make sure we’re as healthy as we can when we come back, or give them the opportunity for a refund."

The Straz is looking forward with a positive attitude to keeping everything going. 

"We just announced our 2021 opera season," said Bohnenkamp. "We’re excited to bring back Pirates of Penzance, which was part of our last season but it didn’t get to happen, we’re also bringing Il Trovatore and Madame Butterfly.”

From the stage lights, back to the goal line, ticket holders and families are anxious to get back to life. Some are ready to settle the score.

"It’s all about the experience and just spending time with each other, new experiences, new adventures and it’s disappointing that we’re going to miss out on that," said Burkhardt.

As for traveling, Dr. Jones suggests delaying any travel for leisure.

"It’s up for debate even if you have travel insurance whether the travel insurance companies are going to end up making payouts based on Covid-19," said Dr. Jones.

Dr. Jones recommends always checking refund policies and checking with your banks to see how they handle cancelled purchases for events that have been charged.

Burkhardt was expecting a full refund and says he's still waiting for more than $200.

Spectrum Bay News 9 reached out to XFL and has not heard back.