DUNEDIN, Fla. — The coronavirus pandemic is far reaching, with countries around the world reporting cases. But many of them aren’t equipped to handle an outbreak.  

That’s where one Dunedin-based charity has stepped in, helping one of Africa’s poorest nations prepare.

What You Need To Know

  • Our AIM Foundation provides relief to 126 villages in Malawi

  • Seamstresses at sewing academy have made more than 10K masks for health care workers in the country

  • For more information, visit https://ouraim.org/

Our AIM Foundation, started by Nisha Mandani, provides relief to 126 villages in Malawi through free health clinics and education centers, including a sewing academy for women.

Our AIM provides the funding to pay the women for the projects they work on.

“Most of these women have a dream to become independent, to become powerful and to put food on the table for their children,” Mandani told us.

In recent weeks, the nonprofit's relief focus has shifted to preparations for a potential COVID-19 outbreak.

“They live in such a remote place. They do not have electricity, they do not have radios or televisions, so they are not aware of what is happening in the world or about the pandemic,” Mandani said.  “So our clinic staff had to physically go to each of the villages to show them how often to wash hands and teach them about social distancing.”

And then there’s the sewing. Mandani said the seamstresses have made more than 10,000 masks for health care workers and first responders across the country.

“These women have never missed one day in last six weeks to come to the center to make masks because they know how important it is,” Mandani said.  “Everybody has the power to do something better for other people. They are my heroes.”

For more information on Our AIM and how you can help with the charity’s mission, visit their website at https://ouraim.org.