PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. -- Right now more than a million Floridians are out of work, but there are some new opportunities for those looking to change careers. 

One month in to her new job at a local insurance company, Niesha Myers was laid off like so many others. 

Myers said it was time for some soul searching, and decided nursing was her calling. 

"I was like, I want to be among those heroes. I want to be one of them," she said. 

It's a trend Chris Palevich said he's seeing at Premier Nursing Academy in Pinellas Park. Palevich, the Academy President, says enrollment is up. 

"In a sense I think it might be forcing the hand that they've been laid off, terminated, whatever the case might be. But now they have an opportunity to go after the dream and aspirations that they've always had," he said. 

Myers said she's always been a caregiver at heart -- helping with her 86-year-old grandmother and 4-year-old sister at home. Now she's eager to do it on a bigger scale. 

The six-week course at Premier Nursing Academy will prepare students to be a CNA. To learn more, visit them on the web at

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