NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. — Body cameras are now on more officers in the Bay area.

The New Port Richey Police Department started using them this month.

What You Need To Know

  • New Port Richey police now using body cameras

  • Officers feel they show the public how they do their job

  • Chief Kim Bogart said he wasn't a fan of cameras at first but said they are neccessary part of the job now

Chief Kim Bogart admittedly said he was not a fan of them years ago but knows they are a big part of the job now.

“It became an absolute that you have it,” Bogart said. “Everyone is walking around with their camera phones. That doesn’t really have the whole picture. It creates, sometimes, a false narrative.”

Other officers agree, including Cpl. Karen Norris, who feels they show the public how she and fellow officers do their job.

“I’ve wanted them forever. Honesty, I feel it will be good for our officers to be able to show that we are doing the right thing,” Norris said.

The Watch Guard brand cameras upload video as soon as police officers return to the station.

It can then be reviewed on a computer, which can help with gathering scene evidence or see how officers handled a situation.

Forty body cams cost the city about $260,000. They used a pilot program last year to test them out. New patrol cars will also installed with new cameras as well.

Bogart says he has heard nothing but support for the body cameras so far.

“I honest to goodness have not had pushback from the officers. I think it’s a necessary piece of equipment in our profession today,” Bogart said.