TAMPA, Fla. — Another holiday is upon us and once again, the Centers For Disease Control is urging people to stay home.

The CDC is advising to celebrate only with immediate family.

But despite this guidance, people are still traveling.

What You Need To Know

  • CDC advising against travel during the holidays

  • Airport traffic is mostly down, but some people are still traveling

  • CDC holiday travel advisory

In fact, the TSA screened more than 3 million people this past weekend.

Which is about 60 percent less than this time last year.

Tampa International Airport has had record low numbers this holiday season.

The airport is expected to see around 50,000 passengers between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It may sound like a lot but last year, more than 110,000 people traveled through the facility on those days.

Airport officials said they are seeing a lot of cancellations because of the current Covid-19 numbers in Florida.

Despite the CDC warnings, people said they’re willing to take multiple tests, and do their due diligence to see family they haven’t seen all year.

 “We looked at the pros and cons and as long as you do it in a safe way, I think it’s a great thing,” said traveler Claudia Rigaud.

And to keep up with precautions, the airport offers rapid testing many people are taking advantage of before their flights.