Call it a side effect of the coronavirus lockdown.

The owner at Bellies-2-Babies Boutique in Winter Haven tells Spectrum News that she has seen a boom in recent sales.

“We have a lot of new moms, and also as people are starting to plan socially-distanced baby showers, they want to buy unique gifts,” said Bellies to Babies owner, Janet Farmer.

Farmer just recently took to Facebook, offering new moms a special gift from her boutique.

“This shop has been here since September of 2020,” explained Farmer. “It was pandemic time; probably not the best time to be making a move like that but we did it.”

Now, Farmer says she is happy to supply the demand from new mother’s coming out of last year’s pandemic lockdown.

“They do shop online, but they really like to touch and see and feel the quality for themselves. That’s why they come here,” said Farmer.

Customer Stephanie Dawson agrees, adding that she loves shopping at the boutique.

“Janet is great, and I don’t know of any other stores that offer what she does,” said Dawson, holding her 4-week-old baby Page. “I know a lot of people that are pregnant right now or expecting.”

“She was seven pounds, six ounces – my biggest baby, said Dawson. “She is my second at-home birth.”

Page, like many other babies, was conceived during the pandemic’s lockdown, and her mom felt the safest place to deliver her was at home.

“With everything going on with COVID, it was nice to not have to worry about the differences that other moms and families are probably experiencing,” said Dawson. “I didn’t have a bad experience in the hospital, but I knew there was something more that could be offered with the home birth; knowing that I’m in my own home with my own germs, versus someone else’s is very comforting.”

Dawson says that her baby is healthy and happy.

“She doesn’t sleep all the way through the night yet, but she’s fun to wake up to,” said Dawson.

Bellies-2-Babies Boutique is located in Winter Haven. You can also find them on Facebook.