TAMPA, Fla. — At just eight years old, Miles Fetherston-Resch is wise beyond his years. Especially when it comes to the environment. 

Miles is the founder and CEO of the non-profit "Kids Saving Oceans" — a movement dedicated to helping the oceans become healthy, thriving, and full of life. 

Miles started the non-profit two years when he was six, selling shirts, stickers, and even a book he wrote. 

"With all the money I make, I donate to Super Oceans, and so far, I've donated $18,000," Miles said. 

Miles is involved in many environmental projects, including beach clean-ups, and spreads the word to all who will listen. 

His love for the ocean was influenced by his mom who is a Marine Biologist. 

A few weeks ago, Miles was honored by the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce with the "Good Burger Award" for making a positive impact on his community. 

Miles goal is to raise a million dollars by the time he's 18. And then after that, he wants to become a Marine Biologist like his mom.