TAMPA - For many local businesses, the Super Bowl in Tampa is bringing in a financial boost.

What You Need To Know

Tiger Lee owns Pirate Fashions and says he’s seen a nice uptick in sales recently. 

Business has been great for Lee and his team over the past eight years in Tampa, but the pandemic had made pirating in style almost impossible.

“January historically is my best month, but last month I only did about 8 percent of what I normally do because there was no Gasparilla last month,” he said.

However, thanks to the Super Bowl, the skies are clearing and there is no need to abandon ship.

“This right here is our Tom Brady outfit,” said Lee as he pointed out a new custom-made costume.

Business is sailing right along and Lee has been prepping her ideas since October.

They have a whole line of Bucs and Chiefs pirate costumes for men and women.

“I’m from Florida, I’ve been in Tampa all my life so this is a really cool thing to happen,” said leather department manager Devin McCabe.

The big game has unlocked a treasure chest of all sorts of new designs and patterns for even the most picky pirate.

“I say, why don’t we show the world our uniqueness,” said Lee.