Tampa, Fla. - Inside St. Peter Claver Catholic School, Ms. Fouch begins her class with about ten four-year-olds.

"Take a deep breath in, and blow it out," said Ms. Fouch. "Now we are ready for this learning time."

For the past five years, St. Peter Claver has partnered with Frameworks Tampa Bay, utilizing their social and emotional learning practices. 

“We need to find a nice way to solve our problems," said Ms. Fouch. 

“The Paths curriculum, and our relationship with Frameworks, really helped us to really educate the kids so they can do that and say, I am embarrassed, I am frustrated, oooh I am annoyed with you, why are you doing that. So they can really have better dialogue," said Dr. Eileen Lyons, St. Peter Claver Catholic School School Psychologist.

The SEL curriculum is taught to all ages, but especially the youngest. 

Faith Sheffield, 4, will tell anyone why she is happy to learn about her emotions.

“Because I am about to go to kindergarten," said Sheffield honestly. "Stop, smile, take a big breath and relax. Stop, smile, take a big breath and relax."

The NFL awarded Frameworks Tampa Bay a $10,000 micro grant as part of their Forever 55 program. The program looks to invest within the Super Bowl city in several areas, one being early childhood. 

“This is really giving us the opportunity to impact over a thousand early childhood providers in center based case, in family childcare and it will just bring that resource to a group that will really benefit," said Elizabeth Reedy Foley, Frameworks of Tampa Bay CEO.

The school administration notes the change within the students since the Frameworks program was taught.

“In terms of the number of behavioral referrals we have had every year, everything has decreased. Academically are increasing slowly but surely, and we serve an at risk population," said Dr. Lyons. 

With each daily lesson, incorporated virtually too during the pandemic, the four-year-old classes are seeing the benefit.

“It has changed the kids future. It is just changing their life, it is changing their families, it is changing what is going to happen in their world, and we just never give up on a child," said Dr. Lyons. 

Frameworks Tampa Bay, a non-profit, is already incorporated into 90 schools within the Bay area. 

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