SARASOTA, Fla. — Valentines Day is Sunday.

And some Sarasota Elementary students are spreading some much-needed love to health care workers.

What You Need To Know

Valentines Day stems from the man, St. Valentine and the Jewish faith doesn’t really recognize the holiday.

But at Hershorin Schiff Community Day School, they still wanted to spread some Ahava, meaning love in Hebrew to folks who need it most.

Students from all ages painted, packed, and personalized these “love bags” for frontline workers.

“If we don’t honor them now that we have them, no one would and to be them anymore,” said 2nd grader Cayden Stolarski.

Some pretty wise words from 8-year-old Cayden.

It was actually the kids’ idea to do the project.

“Because you’re helping other people and that makes me happy,” said 2nd grader Evangeline Wong.

Each baggie has all the essentials any kid or kid-like adult would want.

Peanut butter crackers, snacks, water, candy, anything that’ll give workers quick fuel, to keep working hard.

Over 150 bags are going to Sarasota Memorial Hospital with individual messages, saying things like, “thank you for helping the town” and “rock on."

“It’s core, what the kids know, what is all know is that it feels good to do good,” said Dan Ceaser, Head of School at Hershorin.

The students said no matter how hard it gets, showing kindness to those on the front lines should be shown, every day.

“Thank you,” said Stolarski. “For all that you’ve done through Covid and everything.”