ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — "Live. Love. St. Pete." isn't just a slogan on a t-shirt, it's a call to action for Melody Proud. 

Melody said she was called to action a couple of years ago when her church went to help out a school in St. Petersburg. 

"We provided meals to 80 homeless families at an elementary school in St. Pete,” she said. “80 homeless families. I couldn’t even fathom that something like that existed in the same community that I live in.”

That's when Melody and her husband took it upon themselves to provide snacks, meals, and even school uniforms to kids in need. Three months ago they started selling t-shirts to help fund their goal of helping schools and children. 

Simply put, the t-shirt explains where they live and what they love to do. Each shirt costs $26. 

"We didn't just want to ask people to donate money," Proud said. "We want to get people involved in the cause. That is exactly why I wanted to do "Live. Love. St. Pete." because I want to help more kids."

So far this year, they have partnered with four schools filling in the gaps where school finances and parents' pocketbooks can't reach. 

"Do as much as I can. Sell as many t-shirts as I can," Proud said. "And help as many schools and children as we can."

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