If you have any old suitcases around, someone could really use them.

Pasco County is asking for your old bags, through its “Luggage of Love” program.

They are for foster children who sometimes own nothing more than a garbage bag for their belongings.

That’s something that foster parent George Agovino has seen too many times.

What You Need To Know

“They walk in with that garbage bag. You try to feel what they feel. It’s heart wrenching,” Agovino said.

George recently started the Fostering Change Foster Closet in Land O’ Lakes, a resource for fosters families in need.

He says many kids get moved around a lot, sometimes at a moment’s notice.

“Most of the time, it’s ‘five minutes, here’s a garbage bag. We gotta go,’” Agovino said.

When Whitney Elmore saw this going on she wanted to help.

She’s the head of the UF Extension in Pasco County. She says thousands of kids could use some luggage.

“They can be coming from dangerous, toxic environments. What message does it send a child that’s already got a lot against them? The only value of your life is in a trash bag,” Elmore said in an interview with Spectrum Bay News 9.

So she started up Luggage of Love.

Her office collects gently used bags. Then, they get that luggage to foster kids and families.

So far, they’ve helped out more than 200 kids.

“This is a matter of dignity. Above all else, we can get them some comfort. Some level of peace at a very difficult time. That can change somebody’s life,” Elmore said.

Agovino feels the same way. He’s seen first-hand how a child feels when they get a bag.

“That is theirs. It’s dignity. That child has something they can call their own,” Agovino said.

If you’d like to donate any bags, Pasco County accepts them at the Extension Office in Dade City. (Click here for directions)

You can also drop them off at the tax collector’s offices all around Pasco County.

If you are in need of a bag, please visit this website.