From rainbow flags to a workout with purpose, FIT4MOM Tampa Bay is showing support for the LGBTQ+ community during Pride month.

What You Need To Know

  • FIT4MOM Tampa Bay is celebrating Pride Month with a new workout

  • It’s called Stride with Pride

  • The group is hosting a free women’s health social on Friday night

Seven mornings a week, a group of motivated moms pack up and head out to parks around the Bay area to get their workout in.

FIT4MOM offers stroller-based classes, mom workouts and prenatal fitness routines. 

Mother of two, Regina Hord, has kept the program running for nearly a decade.

“I was the first of my friend group to have a kid, so I didn’t have any other friends with kids. So, it was just a win-win all around. I got the community, I had a business I could build around motherhood,” she said.

For many of the moms, it’s a great way to stay in shape while bonding with their babies, even if they work full time.

“I’m a fitness instructor, and I love that I can come and bring my little guy with me,” said Meghan Bouboulinis, who loves how often the classes change and offer a different theme — such as Stride with Pride.

“Coming out is great. I’m a pre-school teacher too, so I’m all about teaching our little kiddos how to love everyone. Love is love. Accept everybody and to be unique and be proud of who you are,” Bouboulinis said.

“At FIT4MOM, we’re all about love and inclusivity. And it’s just important to show the kids that love is love and family is family, and you can build your own family however you see fit,” Regina Hord said.

Just as you build a family, the moms are building foundations not only for a healthy lifestyle, but also one their children can learn from.

"You don’t have to fit in with everybody else. We can just be who we are, and I’m trying to live that out and showing it to my little guy right here and to my students — that it’s ok to be different,” Bouboulinis said.

FIT4MOM will be hosting a free women’s health social on Friday night 

It runs from 7:00pm to 8:30pm at Brave Haus.